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Convert any type of printable document into PDF files
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Bolt PDF Printer can convert any type of printable document into PDF. As other programs of the same type, it works by creating a virtual printer, which can be accessed through the Print command of any other application. Its main interface is very simple; after all, all it does is to let you change the default output folder, set Bolt as the default printer and uninstall its driver.

Using the tool is not very different from actually printing a document, only that you are creating a PDF file instead. At this point, it is possible to choose one of two formats: text or image. While the text format keeps the original text as searchable characters, choosing the image format is more likely to preserve the original document’s layout. Unfortunately, compared with other similar tools, Bold PDF Printer has far less features. For instance, it does not allow setting any kind of protection to your files. Moreover, it cannot help you do any kind of editing.

In fewer words, Bolt PDF Printer is a light and user-friendly tool that creates PDF documents from any application that supports printing. Luckily, it is absolutely free for non-commercial uses. You should be aware that you will be prompted to purchase some other products by the same developer which have no direct relationship with the functioning of Bolt PDF Printer.

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  • Converts any type of printable document to PDF
  • Two output formats: text or image


  • Does not add protection to your files
  • Does not support editing
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