Bolt PDF Printer

Bolt PDF Printer

Create PDF files from any printable format with this virtual printer
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Bolt PDF Printer is a free program that will let you convert any document to a PDF file.
It will do that by adding an additional printer into your Windows system, Bolt PDF, that will save a PDF document into your drive. This way, you can use whichever program you want. If it is capable of sending its content to a printer, sending them to print into this program´s virtual printer will create a perfectly compatible PDF document, that you will be able to modify using Adobe Acrobat or any other program that can open and modify PDF documents. The advantage in doing this is that the PDF format is the de-facto standard for document sharing, mainly because it can be opened by applications running under different operative systems, like Windows or Mac. By using this free application, you can create the document using the program you have and like, and obtain a result that can be shared with anyone, no matter which computer he or she owns or operate. You can modify the path where your generated PDF documents will be saved, and put your Bolt PDF printer as your default printer, if you want.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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